Awesome Technology from Google

Today I experienced something that was pretty cool and wanted to share how technology just helped make my life easier.
AT+T needed a “chronic” (chronic meaning happens frequently and needs extra attention) ticket number from me which I did not have readily available. I did have their level one ticket numbers, but unfortunately they do not reference the Chronic ticket number. Anyway, I searched my email account (powered by Google) for the word “chronic” to see if I had ever written it in an email on a previous occasion. What it found was the cool part! I use Google Voice to handle all of my voicemail, so when you leave me a voicemail it records the message and then emails it to me as a file attachment (as a wav or MP3 file as an example). I can just click play on my phone or computer and hear the message. Most phone systems will do this so it is not particularly unique. The COOL part is that it takes your voicemail and interprets what you say and types it in that email. So when I searched the word “chronic” for instance, it pulled up a previous voicemail that had the word ‘chronic’ typed in (which was interpreted from the person’s voicemail) along with the body of the email, as well as the actual ticket number which I needed to give to AT+T. I would rate the accuracy of what the person says to what Google then interprets it as saying at a 6.5 out of 10. Of course this is very dependent on how clearly the user speaks of course.  Here is a copy of what the message looked like, as you can see – you can get the general idea of how accurate it is:Ross. It’s Greg with AT&T, calling about a chronic ticket for (customer name omitted for security purposes), our ticket number is 0 D XX2-4XXX (Xs replaced for security..) or call back number is (800) 637-2059, your circuit is located (customer address omitted for security purposes) . I’ve got the local phone company. Looking at this and they do see errors on the stand, there seeing just, sir Very few a day, you know drooling years but they are seeing airs today. They’ve been 30.Neyers seconds and 13. Sincerely, yard seconds. Each day it’s taking here is like that. And so at this point we need a release we need to be able to open the circuit up. Tessa pairs. And it would take you down. Wewould also need access to the site. In the land. So we need a local contact me, my number and they would need to be made aware of this. And so we can provide access to front year. So, give us a call back when youget a chance. Again, it’s (800) 637-2059. Thanks.

Pretty cool, huh? Imagine if Google didn’t have the “speech to text” engine and I didn’t know which voice mail contained this ticket number! I would have to listen to each voicemail until I could find the right one! Good stuff Google! I’d like to know what their long term (strategic) plans are for Google Voice as this is only a small portion of what it can do!

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    We need a lot more inihsgts like this!

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