Penetration Test vs Vulnerability Assessment

Often times the terms VA and Pen test are used incorrectly, even by auditors!  Continue reading to learn how to break into a car!!! So here is an analogy between the two, and for a more in-depth technical view check out the blog posted by Tony at Breaking into a car – Vulnerability Assessment Style […]

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Awesome Technology from Google

Today I experienced something that was pretty cool and wanted to share how technology just helped make my life easier. AT+T needed a “chronic” (chronic meaning happens frequently and needs extra attention) ticket number from me which I did not have readily available. I did have their level one ticket numbers, but unfortunately they do […]

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Bank-Grade® Certified Site

Be sure to check out for the technical blog focusing on IT Security, Penetration testing, and other things that can help a company become Bank-Grade® certified! The purpose of this blog is to for all of the more advanced or technical users out there. There are a lot of good blogs being posted, check them out!

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The Blog’s Grand Re-Opening

Welcome and thanks for joining me on the blog for! This blog will talk about a little bit of everything, mostly related to technology. Whether it be a good deal I found on some computer equipment, a guide on how to purchase a laptop, interesting thoughts/observations as I live the life of President of an […]

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4cIT now uses 100% GREEN Power!

4cIT goes GREEN! 4cIT is now using 100% GREEN power!  Thanks to the Indianapolis Power and Light Company (, 4cIT is able to pay a small premium to receive 100% of its power from GREEN sources such as wind and gas generated from landfills!  More information can be found at the IPL website, or by clicking here.   Treat the Earth […]

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Cost-Savings, come in many flavors

Cost Savings are everywhere! Read this blog to learn how I helped a client save over $750 in annual recurring costs. I always take pride in my cost-savings abilities, whether it’s at home or work, saving money for myself, my business, or my clients – I truly love knowing that I got the best value […]

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RSS- What is it?

I thought a good first how-to blog post should be to inform you about RSS feeds and how to subscribe to them.  I will show you how to subscribe to the blogs on 4cIT to see when I add new articles, and I will help you setup your RSS “reader” to enhance the way you […]

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