Cost-Savings, come in many flavors

Cost Savings are everywhere! Read this blog to learn how I helped a client save over $750 in annual recurring costs.

I always take pride in my cost-savings abilities, whether it’s at home or work, saving money for myself, my business, or my clients – I truly love knowing that I got the best value available.

As I was crawling through the roof trusts in an attic filled with over four feet of freshly blown insulation, sweating profusely, holding a flashlight in one hand and a TV antenna in the other, one thing came to mind – well two actually, I have GOT to get out of here!!! But more importantly – COST SAVINGS ARE EVERYWHERE!

One of my clients just got some nice new High Definition flat screen LCDs to put in his conference rooms -and all that was left was to get some HD content to display! With March madness just around the corner he wanted to be sure he got HD programming for all of the upcoming games. I overheard them ordering satellite programming where they had to sign a 1 year contract for $55.00 per month, plus add another $10 for HD, plus one time installation fees. Their fees continued to add up the longer they were on the phone, but they would be able to get it installed quickly, and it would provide them with what they wanted.

Later that evening I e-mailed them in order to suggest an idea I had which would save them quite a bit of money. If all they wanted was the local channels, in HD – then let me install an HD antenna in the attic! It will be the best HD quality they can get, I could do it in a days time, they would have all the channels they would need, and best of all there would be NO MRC (monthly recurring costs). On top of that I could wire all 3 televisions and not have any issues, or additional expenses! It didn’t take me long to get the go ahead. A few hours of work, a little sweat in a hot attic, and about $50 in parts and the job was complete! They had the best HD signal available, picked up over 20 channels, and the best part was they saved a LOT of money!

So, I wanted to remind everyone that cost savings are everywhere – even if it’s not specifically related to your industry. (I am not a TV repair man by any means!).  Remember, keep your eyes peeled, if you look hard enough – cost savings are everywhere.


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