Information Security for FIs

Do you feel overwhelmed by regulators?

Do you feel you work exclusively for them at times?

Do you wish you could just focus on what you do best, servicing your customers?

These are common among financial professionals.  4cIT can increase your confidence with our many years of experience working with and alongside regulators. Our focus is two-fold; audit preparation and audit recovery. We can help you identify weaknesses before your next audit,  or help you address concerns that have already been raised by your regulators.  Whether you are required to perform an IT Risk Assessment, or you want to schedule a penetration test to show you are being proactive in securing your organization, 4cIT can help you in every facet of your security goals.  Please see the services page for more about how we can help you.  With 4cIT as your technology partner, you can have confidence in the integrity of your infrastructure.