The Blog’s Grand Re-Opening

Welcome and thanks for joining me on the blog for! This blog will talk about a little bit of everything, mostly related to technology. Whether it be a good deal I found on some computer equipment, a guide on how to purchase a laptop, interesting thoughts/observations as I live the life of President of an IT (Information Technology) Security consulting firm, or even a funny story about my kids!


In the coming months, I plan to share best IT practices and information regarding upcoming events, presentations and speaking engagements that 4cIT is involved in.

In the world of IT, especially security, things change on a very regular basis so it is important to stay tuned! Many of you probably know about me already, but for those that don’t you can check out my about us page by going to I plan to try to post weekly here and also, a technical IT security blog focused on informing IT professionals about the latest in IT Security.

If you ever have any questions or topics you would like covered PLEASE let me know!

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    Great stuff, you hleepd me out so much!

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